A simple and effective medical alarm can easily be upgraded to meet your changing needs

Our Personal Emergency Response System (PERS) consists of a pendant and a control panel that has 24/7 monitoring and emergency response.

We can easily add to PERS with a range of other features, such as Voice Panic Detection and a Fall Monitor Pendant. We call this PERS+.

All of our systems are designed to be compatible with each other and we can add on whatever feature meets your needs.


We are an accredited provider of medical alarms in New Zealand.

The most common sources of a SECURELY Medical Alarm are:

The Ministry of Social Development (MSD) through Work & Income (WINZ)

The Disability Allowance provides financial assistance for those with a physical disability or health condition that puts them at risk.

If you already receive the Disability Allowance and want to apply for financial assistance for a medical alarm you’ll need to see you GP and provide paperwork to WINZ.

ACC sometimes covers the cost of medical alarm services for patients recovering from accidents. You can discuss this further with your ACC Case Manager. Contact WINZ or ACC directly to see if you qualify for funding.


Voice Panic Detector can be added to PERS as an optional extra to give you even more peace of mind

The Voice Panic Detector is a wireless smart emergency response device with Intelligent Voice Activation technology.
It is integrated into the SECURELY™ Independence product suite and provides an added layer of care by allowing people to call for help when unable to press their panic button.

Active Pendant- coming soon!

Active Pendant

It’s important to feel safe and confident when you leave your home.  Well, now you can with ACTIVE.

Connecting your pendant / watch through a smart phone via our “ACTIVE” application (or app) will let you do this.

You do need a smart phone for this to work as it’s an mobile app that connects to your pendant using wireless communications.  When you get too far away from the control panel in your home, your pendant is smart and searches for the ACTIVE app to provide you with remote support.

This means that you can be out for a walk, doing the supermarket shopping or watching the grand kids sports and remain safe in the knowledge you can use your pendant to call for help if you need to. Through the smart phone, it will also help tell us where you are.


  • Connects your Emergency pendant to our monitoring centre where ever you are
  • Provides geo-location in case of an emergency outside the home

Our weekly or monthly monitoring reports can be easily accessed if insurance claims require them.

Monitoring Terms and Conditions

If you’d like to know more

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Compare Medical Alarms and what they can do

The SECURELY® system is designed to expand and change with your needs. The table below shows what each package is capable of once other features are added.

  • End-user features
  • Emergency and panic buttons
  • Extra safety devices
  • Voice panic detection with IVA™
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  • Outdoor monitoring
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  • Configurable voice alerts
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  • Extreme temperature monitoring
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  • Two-way voice interaction
  • Long backup battery life
  • 24/7 professional monitoring
  • Self-installation option (DIY)
  • Fall detection
  • Daily activity reports
  • Optional camera detector
  • Inactivity detection
  • Family/Caregiver monitoring
  • Customised rules engine
  • Multi-resident monitoring
  • Personalised pattern analysis
  • Alerts for abnormal behaviour

  • PERS+

  • Family

  • PRO

  • Service Providers
  • Cellular communications
  • Administrator tools
  • Remote software update
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  • Integration with monitoring software
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  • Smart device apps for professional caregivers

  • PERS+

  • Family

  • PRO